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UAV/RPAS Drone Aerial Photography in Stoney Creek

Professional, trusted UAV/RPAS media services in Stoney Creek

With many nearby attractions such as wineries, golf courses, and the waterfront, Stoney Creek has become a prime location. These beautiful sites are even more attractive when photographed using an Airborne Recon aerial drone!

Precision Agriculture

Stoney Creek is unique in that it is tucked between the hustle and bustle of Hamilton and the wide-open Niagara vineyards and farmlands. Due to the unique environmental surroundings, it’s important is to ensure land is properly maintained and cared for. Take advantage of our agriculture drone services which include the use of our multi-spectral cameras. Our cameras are able to monitor for properly lighting, assess water levels, check for weeds and pests, and much more!

Real Estate

As businesses and prospective homeowners continue to move toward Stoney Creek and the surrounding area, it has become increasingly important for real estate development companies to advertise and promote themselves. Airborne Recon provides high definition video and photography services that can help showcase your property and leave a lasting impact!

Aerial Inspections

Use our aerial inspection drone services to get a fuller more comprehensive view of your surroundings! Use our drones to perform all your routine inspections so you can dedicate your time elsewhere. With UAS/RPAS aerial inspection you’ll be able to perform inspections more quickly and safely!

Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Use the thermal mapping capabilities of our multi-spectral cameras to track changes over time and to inspect areas that require surveying. Our aerial mapping and surveying drones cover more ground quickly and efficiently to save you time and money!

Aerial Photography

Record all that Stoney Creek has to offer with our brilliant and vibrant video and aerial photography services. Our drones can be made available for family functions, parties, promotional events, advertisements, and more!

Airborne Recon is pleased to offer agriculture, real estate, aerial inspection, aerial photography and video, and aerial mapping and surveying services to customers in St.Catharines and the surrounding Stoney Creek area.

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