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UAV/RPAS Drone Aerial Photography in Niagara

Trusted, reliable, professional aerial photography and videography services

Locals and tourists alike can both agree that nothing beats the view of Niagara Falls. Now you can immortalize the moment and relive it from a new point of view! Use our aerial drone photography and video services to see the falls from new heights and explore difficult to access parts of the Niagara Gorge

Precision Agriculture

Niagara is home to many golf courses, gardens, farms, and vineyards which all require constant care and attention. Ensure the hard work spent maintaining your land is paying off by utilizing our agricultural aerial drone services! Our 5 band multi-spectral camera drones can measure light reflection, monitor crop and vegetation health using thermal mapping, and even detect problems caused by pesticides, or over watering.

Real Estate

The Niagara real estate market is as busy as it ever has been, so why not make life easier for yourself? Our drones can be used to check for damage for insurance claims, inspect a property or take aerial photos and videos to help advertise your building or property!

Aerial Inspections

Whatever your inspection needs are, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with clients in all sorts of industries including insurance, construction, electrical, engineering, solar and tourism. Our aerial inspection services allow you to get a closer, safer, look without even having to move!

Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Use our aerial mapping and surveying services to map data points, quicker and more efficiently, and transverse rough terrain safely! Allow the drone experts at Airborne Recon to handle all your mapping and surveying needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Aerial Photography

The entire Niagara region is littered with breathtaking scenery and landmarks to explore such as the Niagara Parkway and the Niagara Escarpment! Take advantage of our aerial photography services and use our drones to fly ahead and scout new trails, record your adventures, and take panoramic shots from above.

Airborne Recon is pleased to offer agriculture, real estate, aerial inspection, aerial photography and video, and aerial mapping and surveying services to customers in the Niagara region.

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