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UAV/RPAS Drone Aerial Photography in St. Catharines

Professional, trusted UAV/RPAS media services in the Niagara Region

Residents of the Garden City regularly take advantage of Airborne Recon’s aerial photography services to snap pictures and video of the numerous gardens and parks that St.Catharines has to offer.

Precision Agriculture

Situated in the heart of wine country, St.Catharines boasts a variety of wineries as well as golf courses that attract visitors from far and wide. To ensure your vineyard or golf course is in peak condition, utilize our 5 band multi-spectral camera drones to ensure your land is healthy, lush, and ready for any event.

Real Estate

Looking to show off your home or property? Our experienced staff will capture the elegance of your building, house, lot, or commercial property with our high-quality aerial photography and video services.

Aerial Inspections

Aerial inspections allow you to cover more area in a shorter amount of time. At Airborne Recon our experts are experienced in performing aerial inspections on all sorts of sites. We’ll get the job done quickly and safely to allow you to inspect multiple locations at once.

Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Trust the specialists at Airborne Recon to track changes to your land and terrain over time. Our drones use multi-spectral cameras and thermal mapping to perform services such as volume measurements for aggregate, timber, biomass, and more.

Aerial Photography

Whether you’re looking to immortalize moments from a special event, or looking to advertise and promote your St.Catharines area business, you can always count on the drone experts at Airborne Recon to take stunning aerial photographs and video that will always leave a lasting impression.

Airborne Recon is pleased to offer agriculture, real estate, aerial inspection, aerial photography and video, and aerial mapping and surveying services to customers in St.Catharines and the surrounding Niagara area.

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