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UAV/RPAS Drone Aerial Photography in Brantford

Professional, trusted UAV/RPAS media services in Brantford and the surrounding areas

Drone photography has greatly risen in popularity in Brantford and our clients often marvel at the level of detail our drone cameras can display! Whether you need us to perform aerial inspections, take pictures, or perform mapping or surveying, when you work with Airborne Recon you can always count on quality.

Precision Agriculture

Nestled along the Grand River, Brantford is home to a large number of agricultural businesses and farms. Our clients often use our drones to record and track changes to their property and assess the health of their crops to ensure they make their return on investment.

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Real Estate

Brantford is home to architectural wonders that have existed since the town’s early days. Use our aerial photography services to promote your commercial or residential establishment and share your piece of history with the world.

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Aerial Inspections

Whether you need to perform building or construction inspections, you can count on us to assist you! Our aerial inspection services include drone flybys to check for damage, as well as perimeter checks. We can also take pictures for you and record activities for historical purposes.

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Aerial Mapping and Surveying

No matter your need you can count on our multi-spectral cameras and thermal mapping tools to monitor environmental changes, track changes using modern technology, and record footage for future surveying needs!

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Aerial Photography

Airborne Recon uses state of the art aerial photography equipment to capture stunning visuals and video effortlessly. Supplement your footage with a backdrop of Brantford’s historic structures or record a special outdoor event such as a birthday, family gathering, or wedding! We’re always happy to accommodate you with our aerial photography services.

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Airborne Recon is pleased to offer agriculture, real estate, aerial inspection, aerial photography and video, and aerial mapping and surveying services to customers in St.Catharines and the surrounding Brantford area.

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