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UAV/RPAS Drone Aerial Photography in Hamilton

Airborne Recon Canada is proud to be headquartered in the busy city of Hamilton

As Hamilton continues to expand, both commercially and residentially, businesses need to separate themselves in unique and resourceful ways. If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your business – and literally stand heads and shoulders above your competitors – why not consider giving drone photography a try?

Precision Agriculture

Hamilton is home to many fine parks, gardens, and farmlands. Over time these areas tend to become difficult and time consuming to maintain. That’s why numerous businesses already trust Airborne Recon to help them save time! Make use of our multi-spectral cameras and thermal mapping services to monitor the health of plants and crops, as well as water and fertilizer levels.

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Real Estate

Are you looking to sell your house or condo? Take advantage of Airborne Recon’s drone photography services to provide a bird’s eye view of your property and showcase your entire neighbourhood. Real estate companies often utilize our drone services as well to capture stunning aerial views of their buildings and properties.

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Aerial Inspections

With the abundance of industrial and manufacturing companies in the area, aerial drone inspections have become one of our specialties. Save time and money by using our drone’s photography capabilities to inspect dangerous and hard to reach areas such as towers.

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Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Mapping and surveying is important work that needs to be done. Whether you need to gather environmental data, or plot for construction or land development, Airborne Recon has you covered. Our drones are weather resistant and can handle even the toughest weather conditions Hamilton has to offer.

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Airborne Recon is pleased to offer agriculture, real estate, aerial inspection, aerial photography and video, and aerial mapping and surveying services to customers in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

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